Research Highlights


800-1,200 words reports of latest research publications and projects in any area of Chinese education mobilities are shared here. Authors will provide a 200-word Chinese abstract for each report. Refer to Author Guidelines for more instructions.

Our latest research reports:

  1. Dr Yun Yu from East China Normal University in China shares insights into church participation experiences of Chinese international students in the UK.
  2. Dr Peidong Yang from the National Institute of Education in Singapore reveals intriguing Compromise and Complicity of Indian medical students at a Chinese University.
  3. Jie Zhang from the University of Glasgow tells us her findings about changes that Chinese postgraduate taught students have experienced during their transition processes in the UK.
  4. Zhe Wang from the University of Oxford discusses how ‘non-traditional’ Chinese students make choices when pursuing postgraduate studies in the UK.
  5. Kris Lee from the University of Oxford reports on her study into ‘Educational Pathfinders? Unpacking Narrative Claims of North American and European Transnational Undergraduate Students in China‘.

We are currently inviting contributions of research reports. Please get in touch by emailing