IMG_20170103_141428A research community for sharing of research ideas and events related to Chinese education mobilities. We understand ‘Chinese’ and ‘education mobilities’ in a broad sense.

The Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities (NRCEM) is the continuation of our highly successful Sociological Review Foundation Seminar Series on ‘A Sociology of Contemporary Chinese (Im)mobilities: Educating China on the Move‘. This seminar series has not only attracted renowned and emerging scholars to present their cutting-edge research on various forms of and issues around Chinese education mobilities, but also gathered synergy of a community of scholars from different parts of the world interested in this important field of research and scholarship. To take this seminar series further, we have decided to establish this Network (NRCEM) to carry out networking and research events. We are currently inviting contributions to our ‘Research Highlights‘ section (800-1,200 words reports) as well as recruiting committee members. If interested, please get in touch by emailing chineseedmobilities@outlookcom.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @ChiEdMobilities