Author Guidelines for Research Highlights Reports

Interested in publishing your research in our Research Highlights section? Here are a few guidelines.

The editorial team

This section is managed by a team of scholars based in different parts of the world.

Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Keele University, UK) Editor-in-Chief

Dr Jean Michel Montsion, (York University, Canada) Editor

Dr Mengwei Tu (East China University of Science and Technology, China) Editor

Ms Kris Lee (University of Oxford, UK) Editor


Submission policy

Both emerging and established researchers working the field of Chinese education mobilities are welcome to make a submission. The editors will occasionally consider guests post from other members of the public.

The editorial team invites submissions of around 800-1,200 words on latest research publications and projects in any area of Chinese education mobilities. Proposals and outlines for possible reports are particularly welcome; the role of the editorial team is to provide support and feedback for ideas in any stage of development.

Articles should be well informed, accessible and written in a natural tone.  Submissions must use inclusive and non-derogatory language and may not contain profane, obscene, rude, or illegal material. Authors are responsible for ensuring their work does not violate intellectual property rights. Promotions of goods, services, or financial appeals will not be considered.

Other forms of media such as photos, drawings, or videos are also welcome. In such cases, the editors may recommend including written descriptions or explanations to increase accessibility of the content.


Contributing to the Research Highlights section

Those wishing to submit a report to the Network should contact the editors at with a proposal or a completed article. Complete submissions should be about 800 – 1,200 words long and should be sent in Microsoft Word format, with your name in document name. Documents should follow basic APAformatting (i.e. Times New Roman typeface, size 12, 1.5 spacing). A picture of the author, institutional and/or research profile links should be included. Author’s short bios of no more than 100 words should be attached too. Links to other sources such as reports, research, resources, news, academic groups may be included.

Following submission, the editorial team aims to provide prompt feedback and revisions, usually within a fortnight. Authors then have the opportunity to make revisions before agreeing on a final version with an editor.

The editors will keep the author informed about the estimated date of publication. After publication, the author may make additional minor changes if warranted. Unless otherwise noted, articles remain sole copyright of their respective author(s).


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